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One of the modern ports of the Black Sea…

Coordinates of Yeşilyurt Port’s geographical location are 41° 14’ 45’’ N(Kuzey)-36° 26’36’’ E(Doğu)

Port Safety

After the terrorist attacks in the USA on 11 September 2001, in the 22nd General Meeting of International Maritime Organization (IMO) held in November 2001, to which Turkey is a member, it was agreed unanimously to implement new measures to the maritime sector to prevent terror attacks that may occur on or from the sea.

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Yeşilyurt Port provides a comprehensive range in terms of innovative cranes for effective handling on site. Its large product range provides perfect solutions for problem-free handling of goods at sea and inner ports.

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Ranked in the Top 100 of Top 500

companies in Turkey.

Located close to Novorossiysk, Tuapse, Anapa, Azak, Taganrog and Yeisk ports of Russia; Sevastopol, Kherson and Odessa ports of Ukraine; Batumi and Poti ports of Georgia; Constanta port of Romania, and many other ports at other countries, Yeşilyurt Port is integrated to the regional and global trade volume.