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Human Resources

Our Policy

As part of the Human Resources strategy carried out in Yeşilyurt Group, which provides employment for 730 people; practices aimed at increasing and retaining qualified human power that produces knowledge, that is solution-oriented, that is open to development, and that is inclined to teamwork are carried out.

Our aims as Yeşilyurt:

  • To employ people who can best maintain the tradition and culture of our company and share our values,
  • To be a team, to create team spirit, to develop the notion of “us”
  • To ensure the establishment of a continuous and high performance culture,
  • By providing for the personal development of our employees; to enable them to be creative, innovative and participating,
  • To support the training of specialized employees who will be hold up as an example with their level of knowledge,
  • To ensure that our employees are environmentally-conscious, and sensitive towards people by carrying out social responsibility projects with them,
  • To provide working conditions based on respect and trust within the framework of ethical values,
  • To ensure the fulfillment and continuity of the applications related to ETI Base Code standards, as well as compliance with the Labor Law No. 4857 and related legislation.


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