• Services

Water and Electricity

Municipal grid water and electricity is provided to vessels on demand. Municipal water is analysed monthly, and relevant reports can be submitted on request.

Piloting and Towage Services

Towage services are provided on demand.

Solid and Liquid Waste Collection

Solid and liquid waste collection services are provided on demand.

Vessel Services


Berthing services are provided when vessels dock and leave the port.

Drop Anchor and Weigh Anchor Services

Drop anchor and weigh anchor services are provided on demand.

Hatch Lifting and Placing

Hatch lifting and placing services are provided on demand.

For temporary storage (warehouse) of imported cargo and for other storage services, Yeşilyurt Logistics Centre boasts:

Logistics and Storage

Total Port Area

210.000 m²

Outdoor Storage Area

110.000 m²

Indoor Storage Area

120.000 Ton

Grain Silo Capacity

35.000 Ton


1*100 Ton . 1*250 Ton

Please view the service fee tariffs of Yeşilyurt Ports.