[Our Sad Loss] We Lost Cemal Yeşilyurt, Honorary President Of Yeşilyurt Group,

We are deeply saddened by the loss of Cemal Yesilyurt, Honorary President of Yesilyurt Group, who was being treated at hospital.

Cemal Yeşilyurt, Honorary President of Yesilyurt Group, was born in 1938 in Yemişalan village of Trabzon's Of district, as the fourth son of a family with six children. He completed his primary and secondary education in Of. Cemal Yeşilyurt, who also had buses running between Of and Samsun in 1953, was known for the added value he provided to employment and economy with his investments, as well as for the support he gave within the framework of social responsibility (in many areas ranging from education to health); he made the brand of “Yeşilyurt” one of Turkey's most respected groups.

We express our condolences and wish patience to Yeşilyurt family, their relatives and friends.